Thursday, 6 July 2017

Thursday after Enrich

 "...and we'll see you next week." These were Marlene's last words for the day. At the word "week" everybody stood up and went to the cloakroom. It was Thursday, I was at Enrich and it was 2:45, home time. 

I walked to the cloakroom with the others and grabbed my bag."Oof!" It was always a squash in the small red cloakroom. You had to be especially careful that you weren't pushed into a hook.

Finally I pushed my way out of the cloakroom. I spotted Mum in the jumble of parents and caregivers and nimbly approached her. We walked to the door and walked quickly out. As soon as I was in the car I collapsed into my car seat.

When everyone was buckled in, off we went. It was Windsor North school as the next destination. We had to pick up Jared, my 6 year old younger brother.

We parked the car, crossed the road and walked through the school gate. At least Jared's classroom wasn't too far."I hope that he doesn't take too long to appear." I thought. Jared always takes ages to exit his classroom. I don't see how it takes so long to just get your books and papers, put them in your bag and emerge. Then I remembered that Jared can be a very social chatterbox, and he does like to talk to his teacher. We had found out about this a few weeks ago.

Phew! It didn't take too long for Jared to move himself into the open. I wanted to leave as soon as possible, like always, for I always got embarrassed in mufti at school.

Click! Click! Click!, went the car seats. Off we went. I leaned back in my car seat. Another week was almost over, but then my thoughts went back to afternoon tea. Yum! There will be netball after 4:00. I am so happy.

By Natalie.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Still in bed!

I was so....tired.

 I woke up and stayed in bed until eight o'clock when Mum said she was going! I was still in bed, but Mum was waiting for me to get dressed straight away. I asked Mum to get my clothes for me. Then Mum went to work. Hiss, bang, crash, purr, meow!! My cats were wanting to play.  After playing with the cats, I ate my breakfast, brushed my teeth and chewed my pill medicine.

Then I went to school.

By Aine Fanning

Getting ready for school

Ahhhh!  What's that noise I asked myself. I woke up.  Suddenly it was the alarm clock ringing in my ear. Then I brushed the sleep out of my eyes and turned on the light to get dressed.  First of all, I had breakfast.  I had a hot chocolate and with that I had weetbixs.  Then everybody woke up to have their breakfast.  After that, I went to brush my teeth and gargle with listerene.  I had to wait for my brother and sister.  Then they were finished and it was time to go to school.

By Ashton Silcock

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Diary writing

Dinnnggg! I looked at my alarm clock. I thought, but it doesn't even have an alarm, but I still woke up. It was 6:00. No one was up yet. 

A few minutes later...I saw it was 6:10. Still no one up. I could  tell because no lights were on. I remembered Walter coming in at night, (Someone's kitten) bell jingling as he trots in at night. He and Scatcher, my cat, are friends. I like it when he visits at day. He's a small ginger kitten, half the size of Scratcher. I also have two Guinea pigs, Snuggles, the runt of the litter and Cuddles. Yesterday, he betrayed my brother. 

Suddenly, I saw a light! I also saw it was 7.12am. I woke up to the morning chill. I sat down, got my breakfast and sat on the couch. One News was on. It always is. I was 8.00am. Finally. I had a shower. It was exactly 8.21am when I was ready. Yet again, I made my lunch and waited.

10 minutes's 8.31......... My brother is at school.........and so am I.

By Ciaran Crombie

Asian Language Culture

During this term, Mrs Fitzgerald has been teaching us about Asian Culture. We have been learning how to speak in Japanese. We know to say... Konnichiwa to say hello. We have also been finding out about Japanese homes. They are very different to ours. They are really cool. They have to sit on a cushion at very low tables. 
One day we learnt how to make rice balls with seaweed, corn, capsicum and rice. They were fun to make. 
Have a look at our origami and the colourful fish. The fish are to help celebrate Children's Day.
Sometimes, some students from Southland Boys came to help. It's been fun learning about another culture. 
Aine Fanning and Connor Rayner